$995 Rega DAC better than the $11K dCS Debussy?

Here’s the Rega DAC review from Positive Feedback. Loaded with digital nonsense words that confuse the hell out of me, but a positive review. You can skip the asinine techno speak and just come hear it at my shop (or your local Rega dealer).
The Leben RS-30EQ phono pre has been breaking in nicely but it looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get in the Auditorium 23 SPU step up transformer so my Dynavector low output carts will sing.
I’m looking at a few new turntable lines simply because I want to show more cartridges. Kuzma is at the top of the “Want List”. They have the Stabi SD table which holds two arms, sounds great and doesn’t cost $20K.

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