I moved my hi-fi shop here 13 years ago from ‘The Drag”! The Pedernales was the very first new build / mixed use on the East Side of Austin. I remember people coming in and asking me why in the hell I moved over here? I told them because it was affordable and in 10 years it will be insane. So here we are! The mixed use building across the street is nearly framed in. I’m hoping for Chinese take-out or a decent restaurant / bar. We’ll see… fingers crossed.

The parking situation is going to be horrible. I mean MORE horrible. There are literally thousands of people moving here in the next few months I expect the city will throw up some parking meters at any time.

On that note, I’ve been thinking I need to offer different hours at the shop. My favorite time is Happy Hour! So, why not have Happy Hour at the shop? Instead of sitting on I-35 for an hour, come here and hang out! You won’t have to use your lunch hour or wait until Saturday to come visit!

The new hours starting next week will be:

Monday: by appointment
Tuesday: by appointment
Wednesday: 3-7pm HAPPY HOUR!
Thursday: 3-7pm HAPPY HOUR!
Friday: 11-5
Saturday: 11-5
Sunday: CLOSED

Let’s try it for a few months! I think it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Remember the best way to experience the shop is by appointment! I can also buzz you into the parking lot. win win.