New Rega Stuff!

The folks at Rega have been super busy! Rega’s new Mains Lead (power cord in Amerispeak) $175. Got a amp, or CD player? Improve it’s performance! The Rega Mains Lead blows away competition that’s 3X the cost!
Rega’s upgraded and improved upon “white belt” is no longer a limited edition and they lowered the price to $59. SERIOUS upgrade indeed! It’s made of pure rubber and has much tighter tolerances than the standard belt. Rega says it will last longer than the standard black belt. For $20 more, it seems quite worth it. I just put them on my P9 which was long overdue for new belts and the difference was stunning! The bass tightened up and everything was more detailed. Got a P2 or better? Get a new belt! If you don’t hear an improvement, I’ll give you your money back!! PLEASE NOTE! There are after market Rega belts on the net… beware. Accept no substitute. You will get burned.
Coming Soon!! Rega DAC! I’ve been waiting 2 years for this! Housed in a newly designed half box. It will have plenty of inputs, filter selection and high rez 24/96 output! $995! Got a Apollo CD player you want to best the Saturn? Ready to make your computer sing? It’s coming! Soon!

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