My first (surreal) day of SXSW

ronWhat a day!! The shop was a buzzin’ and I got a email from a client. He won a pass to see the new documentary about Ron Sexsmith, Love Shines and meet the man himself. His band had a gig at the same time and he knew I’m a huge fan so he hooked me up! The film is directed by Douglas Arrowsmith and covers Ron’s career and the production of his new record Long Player Late Bloomer. I was turned on to Ron’s music a good 14 years ago and have faithfully bought every record since his first. If you’re not familiar with his music, you’re in for a cerebral treat. I know that might be a stretch for the Lady GaGme fans out there… I read somewhere that he’s Elvis Costello’s favorite songwriter. I would place him in the same league as Nick Drake, Graham Parsons, Nick Lowe and Richard Thompson. After the screening I got to hang out with Ron in the bar at the Hilton. We had a couple drinks and talked about different producers (Mitchell Froom, Bob Rock, T-Bone Burnett), what his songs are about, how he crafts them, his visit to Paul McCartney’s home, his love of 50’s doo wop, etc. There were so many questions that I had answered from one of the most prolific songwriters of our time. A dream come true. Anyone want to help me meet Keith Richards?

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