Line Magnetic LM-501 IA on the floor!!

The new Gold Series LM-501 IA is one beautiful amp! The white transformer covers and cage look great against the gold faceplate! Very solid fit and finish. This Class AB integrated amp uses four KT-120 output tubes in a push / pull configuration to generate 100 watts. The pre amp section uses common 12AX7 & 12AU7 tubes. The driver tubes are a pair of 6SN7. The VU meters double as Bias meters. Biasing is super easy. There is a bypass switch so you can use an outboard pre amp if you wish to. The LM-501 is effortlessly slapping my Harbeth HL5 loudspeakers into submission! They have that signature Line Magnetic bass…deep, tuneful and controlled. Percussion is detailed. Overall presentation is balanced with excellent timing. I probably shouldn’t be having this much fun! Come help me break it in!