Hola 2022!


It’s been a bit. What a couple of furious years! The good news is that business is great! All this home incarceration has been a great time for upgrades and getting into a new system for many of you! I appreciate it! I hope music is filling the void for travel and being with friends. At least a little..

LOTS of news to share with you!

I’ve become a Jean Marie Reynaud dealer. These are excellent speakers made in France that are of excellent quality and sensible pricing! The Lunnas are an absolute steal at $2250!


Line Magnetic 845 Premium

The Line Magnetic 845 Premium integrated amp is coming soon. The DeVore O/Baby’s are as well. I finally got another Sugden A21 Signature in as is the DAC4. Sugden have experienced major growth over the last year. Wait time is around 5 months and there are no color options until they catch up. Titanium is it! It’s worth the wait!


Wand 14-4

The Wand 14-4 turntable and 10.3 arm will be on demo soon..


I once again have the Leben 300xs on the floor.

I hope 2022 will bring speedier deliveries, better supply chain times, less scary virus variants and better health to all!