Guru Junior


A couple of years ago, I took a chance on a relatively unknown (at least in the USA) speaker company out of Sweden. I lacked a speaker that could be tucked away in a bookcase or nestled up to the back wall. Normal people don’t like to place behemoth speakers eight feet into a room. I had read about Guru in the European audio rags for a few years and decided to try some. My first client came from Florida and after buying a pair, he called back and ordered two more pairs to place throughout his home. That’s when I knew something big (besides bass) was coming from these odd looking Guru QM10-2 speakers. Designed initially as recording studio monitors, the QM10-2 quickly became popular in Europe and has been paired exceedingly well with all of the usual suspects (check out my product lines). They just made sense. Now they have audio reviewers falling over themselves with their newest and smallest offering, Junior. I just so happen to have the ONLY pre production pair in North America. I’ve already pre sold several pair and am now waiting for the initial order to arrive later this month. Looking for a teeny tiny speaker that does 34Hz up to 30kHz? (most speakers claim about 40Hz-20kHz) You won’t find any… unless you come demo the Jr.

$1250. Available in White, Black and Walnut.

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