27 years ago today…

I wrote a fake doctors note to leave school. Yes, yours truly, skipped out on Catholic school to go interview MOTLEY CRÃœE! As an underage music enthusiast I wrote for Public News a weekly entertainment newspaper (later bought by Patty Hearst!). My plan worked. I could navigate myself into bars and clubs deemed for those 18 or above. I was only 16 at the time but I had press passes. So Ozzy was coming to town for the Bark At The Moon tour and The Crue were opening. I basically wanted to see if I could pull off a interview with them. After many, I’m sure annoying, phone calls to the WEA offices in Houston I got my interview. “Hey kid, I admire your persistence. Vince and Nikki will be here at 2”. I enlisted my friend Paul to take pictures and we headed off to our “dentist” appointments. That afternoon I drank champagne and ate cake (literally) with Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx in celebration of them selling a Gold record. I scored a couple records and two passes for the show that night. We then returned to school.
“Where ya been all day DiFrank?”
“Oh, drinking champagne with Motley Crue”
I then pulled out my “Crue loot” and a cassette recording of the interview..
heh heh…

The only reason I remembered this date is because later that night, while I was rocking out at the Ozzy concert, my sister gave birth to my niece, Heather. Happy Birthday Heather!! A day I will never forget!
The Crue

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