Zu + Music = FUN!


Finally got the Zu Omen & Omen Def in today. Somewhat unscathed! These are BIG speakers. Big physically and huge in sound! They match up great with everything I’ve thrown at them. They’re super easy to set up and drive seeing they’re 98db! The Mission speaker cables and interconnects are on the way as is a replacement driver for the Defs. One driver must’ve been damaged in transit.. but the boxes are fine. whew.. Zu already have a matched pair on the way. Great customer service in case you were wondering.

The first thing I put on the Omens was Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery’s The Dynamic Duo. Powered up the Leben CS600 integrated and Rega P9. WOW! A huge sound with full frequency range. Bass that you can feel in your sternum. These things scream house party! They can also play softly without losing that punch. Come hear ’em! They’re really FUN!

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