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NAIM SUPERNAIT. Everything you’ve ever wanted and didn’t know you needed… until now!
Launched at the 2007 Bristol Show, SUPERNAIT – Naim’s reference integrated amplifier – proves there is still room for innovation in two-channel audio. The latest addition to Naim’s reference series, SUPERNAIT produces a stunningly realistic performance from its compact case and delivering 80 watts per channel, it drives difficult loads with ease.

SUPERNAIT offers its user flexibility and convenience too. Want to add a power supply to upgrade the performance? You can. Want to add a subwoofer? You can. Want to quickly connect an analogue or digital source via the front panel? You can.

Sporting 11 different inputs (6 analogue, 5 digital) SUPERNAIT is bristling with connectivity features and upgrade options and with its on-board DAC, this is the most flexible Naim product to date. Put a Mac Mini in front of it, some Kudos speakers behind it and your choice of TV and be done!

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