Updated Stereo Console by Mark Macek & Whetstone Audio!


No more whining from interior “designers” or your significant other about “ugly” stereos. Built in just 9 days by Mark Macek, this is the most modern stereo console anywhere! We decided the classic needed an update! Rega RP3 turntable, Rega RS-1 speakers, Rega Fono and Naim UnitiQute are on board. The UnitiQute streams your iTunes wirelessly, has a DAC, FM tuner, internet radio, iPod / USB dock, 4 digital inputs and integrated amp. Control is available from it’s remote or from Naim’s N-Stream app… yes you can control it from your iPhone or iPad. The grill cloth is genuine Marshall Amp stock. The turntable is isolated from vibration. There’s even a couple secret compartments. Yes! These are available! They are custom made and we can retro fit a few different equipment options into it. I’d like to outfit one using a Leben integrated and DeVore 3XL loudspeakers. The reactions we were getting at it’s debut last night were great! People were freaking out on it’s cool factor. It will be on display at the shop in the near future.

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