Naim Uniti Series & DAC. Now Showing!!!


It’s been a long wait, but the UnitiQute & UnitiServe are finally on the floor. Set-up was a breeze. Plug and play. Your mom can work this thing! I hooked them up to the Rega RS-3 speakers with excellent results. The entire Uniti line is now available to demo! iPhone app is out as well!

The awesome Naim DAC is finally here too. Come hear the best DAC in the World. It’s so good that technology hasn’t caught up with it’s abilities yet!

Remember! October 21st there will be a Naim Night at Whetstone Audio. 6-9pm. Come meet Naim UK’s Doug Graham, Naim USA’s Dave Dever and Tone Audio’s Jeff Dorgay. Drink beer, eat pizza, drool on a Naim equipped Bentley and discover the exciting direction that home entertainment is heading.

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