There is a tear in my beer.

Lovejoys had been my bar for the past 18 years. I’ve seen many folks come and go, meet, marry, start families, fight, divorce, die, etc. Lovejoys was always a constant in so many lives. It was started by Chip Tait (on left) and the baton was passed to Eric Wolf (on right). Like so many Austin institutions / landmarks, it is now gone. It’s hard to “Keep Austin Weird” when the very things that make this town unique are constantly pushed out to make room for a CVS or Chile’s. I’ll miss my happy hour “cronies” and the best bartenders, Cello & Ethel! I’ll never forget seeing Roky Erickson & Dead Moon play there. Far too many hangovers to count. Lovejoys will forever be the best bar…ever.

Long Live The Order Of The Fez!!