I survived, but my liver is killing me!  I got to meet a true icon at the Bloodshot Records party.  Exene Cervenka from X.   More escapades coming soon!


So, I’m getting over a NASTY bout of some weird virus.  My neck is killing me and I’ve been dealing with high fever.  Must’ve been a contaminated beer tap or something…

The first show I hit during SXSW was Akron / Family at the Mohawk.  Really cool show and nothing like their CD.  Better to catch them live!



Here are some old bandmates of mine from THE ACTION IS. We were called Hot Wheels Jr. until Mattel Toys sent a cease and desist letter.
This is James Harries. I’m sure he’s sick of the Jeff Buckley references, but it fits. He opened for Nellie McKay who I have a small crush on.
Here’s Huelyn Duvall the guy who screams “TEQUILA” on The Champs record with my pal Craig.
Here’s Eli “Paperboy” Reid out back at The Continental Club going over their set with Barbara Lynn. These guys are total pros!
The Legendary ROY HEAD! From Houston Texas, he once bit Elvis on the leg so he would never forget him. He reminded me of Jerry Lee Lewis. Same insane energy!
The day after the Ponderosa Stomp Showcase, I helped Sponsor the BYOC fest in back of my shop. This is Roy Head doing shots of Makers with me.
Awesome Toyko band, The Emeralds
My friend, Eric Roach. He SHREDS on his Hello Kitty guitar. We’re playing a show with his band Lick Lick next month. I’ve known Eric for over 20 years!
James Harries showed up to the party. I invited him after seeing him with Nellie McKay. The guy is phenomenal and I highly recommend getting his CD.
So that pretty much wraps up my SXSW. I tried to take it easy this year but still ended up sick. I’m calling it “Hipster Virus”. Probably brought here by some sickly skinny white kid from Brooklyn. What-Ever!

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