Shahinian Obelisk


Immediately after finding out the new Dynavector electronics were shipping, I made a call to Vasken Shahinian about ordering up some Obelisk. Why? They are one of THE speakers to use with Dynavector. The design fundamentals are quite different from your average speaker. It is the only poly / omnidirectional speaker on the market. For those of you who like the sound of planar type speakers, but dislike the size and drop out of sound if you move from the sweet spot, come hear ’em!

The Obelisk was the first Shahinian produced way back in 1977. Shahinians are hand made on Long Island in Medford, New York by Richard and his son Vasken. I hope to have this exceptional system humming in the very near future! I’m beyond excited folks! This is a day I have longed for, for almost 20 years! Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of waiting for this system! I’ve never heard this combo, but from what I’ve read and the people I respect who have heard it, I’m seriously stoked. Now, Texans will have the chance to hear one of the “Holy Grails” of Hi-Fi!! A Dynavector / Shahinian / Well Tempered system.