Rega Saturn-R Hootenanny!!! This Friday, October 25th 6-9pm

Here’s a bad pic of a Rega Saturn-R “mock up”. It’s just the casework. You’ll be able to hear the real deal at the Rega Hootenanny! Friday, October 25th. 6-9pm. Come drink a few beers with Rega UK’s Paul Darwin. Ask him about his escapades (he’s gonna kill me) as promoter for The Smiths and tour manager for Tears For Fears!

The Saturn-R is a CD player and DAC. It has 5 digital inputs so you can take advantage of the 192/24 dual Wolfson DAC’s on board. Hook up your Blue Ray DVD player, Computer, etc.

Also on hand will be the new Aria phono stage, Elicit-R integrated amp and RP8 turntable!