New Rega Brio-R integrated!!!


Rega UK has just introduced a revised Brio. I’ve been selling various incarnations of the Brio for many years. I’ve always said it was the “best deal in Hi-Fi amps”. Now it’s even better! The Brio-R will have a remote control and is in a space saving, half box chassis matching the new DAC ($995). There have been numerous upgrades as well. I’ve put my order in and should have one sometime in May. The new Brio-R will be around $895. Pair it with the RS-1 ($695) or RS-3 ($1195) speakers and a RP-1 turntable ($445) and you have a killer Rega system for just a bit over $2,000! Synergy is the simplest way to audio ecstasy! Now taking orders!

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