musical fidelity v-series…

UPS came today with the new V series from Musical Fidelity. The line includes the V-DAC DAC, V-CAN Headphone amp, V-LPS mm / mc phono pre amp and V-PSU optional power supply upgrade that powers all three components. Naturally the first one I hooked up was the $299 DAC. I’ve been jonesing for a good inexpensive DAC. I plugged my MacBook up and was impressed. An easy way to turn your computer into a decent source. As I write this, I’m listening to The Stones, Sucking In the 70’s on the V-LPS. For the small fee of $149 you can unlock those grooves. I have the budget Rega P1 with stock Ortofon playing through it. Treble isn’t harsh and scratchy, warm mids and tight bass. Up against the similarly priced Rega Fono mini, I think I prefer the V-LPS by a tad. It’s cutting hairs though. MC? Well hold on.. Ima be hookin’ up the P5 / DV 20X-L…… When the Whip Comes Doooowwwwn!!! Nice! Not a Dynavector P-75 in Dr. T mode, but not shabby! V-CAN? I’ll get around to it. I’m sure it’s along the same quality as the rest so I won’t waste your time. I’m really glad I got this stuff in. Come by for a listen! IMAG0315_2

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