Mr. Ed can’t believe it’s been FIFTEEN YEARS!!!

That’s right Y’all! I’ve been schlepping the Hi-Fi for 15 years now! I started off as a trunk slammer wiring McMansions. I had a dream and a living room which I turned into a home business. Lines like Rega and Naim had faith in me. I made the fatal mistake of signing a nasty lease for my first shop. Spent 3 years at the “School Of Hard Knocks” trapped in said lease. I figured out what brands play music and who the “good guys” are promoting / distributing them. So………
Top 10 possible reasons I’m still in business:
1. Dumb Luck.
2. There ain’t no shame in my game.
3. You’ll get treated the same if you roll up in a Porshe or on a skateboard.
4. YOU!!! Thanks for your trust in doing business with me! It’s appreciated.
5. I stock brands that I believe in and will still be in business in 15 years.
6. I own my space and am no longer raped by greedy landlords.
7. I love music and even play semi professionally.
8. I’m (sometimes painfully in a Larry David kind of way) honest.
9. Killer Customer Service!
10. I have a fully stocked bar at the shop and I like to share.

Roky played my favorite Pub!! It was insane and surreal! I love Austin!!!

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