It’s Zu-rific!

Got the Zu DL-103 a few days ago and have been having a blast putting it through it’s paces on the P5. No VTA spacer needed. Set up is easy! With the cart all the way forward on the RB700 you hit Baerwald perfectly. Tilt it in about 1mm. You could probably set it up on your own without a wally-tracter or any other alignment device. The only glitch is it’s a heavy little bugger, so you’ll need a heavier counterweight. I had to add some “audiophile duct tape” (Blu-Tack) to add some mass until I get a heavier weight from Michell or Groovetracer (the 150 gram). Right out of the gate I was pleased. I’ve never heard a Denon DL-103 before, Now I know why they call it one of the best products in the history of Hi-Fi. The thing sings! The Auditorium 23 step-up tranny was designed for the 103! Zu have done a great job machining and damping the body. It’s an extra $200 over a plain Denon version, but worth it! It doesn’t sound like a $439 cartridge. More like a $2K cartridge! So what’s a couple Franklins?

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