isoblue racks

1279962780_Isoblue Nat ash_w600_h400.png
Founded in 2000, Isoblue modular hi-fi furniture was designed by company founder, Chris Bampton.
This is a modular system for modular hi-fi and each stack will require a base level (spiked to the floor) and subsequent shelves with the trademark ‘V’ uprights in solid wood. We would suggest keeping the stacks moderately low with a base plus 3 (OK, maybe 4 shelves in total per stack. Standard spacing is 100mm between shelves and additional spacers are available to bring these spaces to 135mm, 165 mm up to a maximum of 230 mm.
The design is of ageless simplicity but it also works extremely well. Isoblue has been a darling of Naim users for most of the past ten years and, whilst it is extremely compatible with the Naim character, not to say dimensions, it is also pretty universal in its appeal. The Series 60 racks are $325 per shelf. Rack pictured is $1300.

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