nein groovemeisters

germans rawkout

Looks like a punk rock version of Ein Prosit!

I was noticing that the record selection was getting thin so I placed a nice order full of Funk, Blues, Afro Beat, Rock, etc. I have one copy to sell of the new Syl Johnson box set. I kept the other! Get in here quick before I start calling all these new records mine!

The $495 Okki Nokki record cleaning machine is now on demo. Come check it out!

Also just in, the Auditorium 23 DL103 step up transformer. Still waiting on the Well Tempered Amadeus and EMT to arrive. It will be a sweet rig! I’m going to hook it up to the Leben RS-30EQ phono pre / Rega P9 / Dynavector Te Kaitora Rua and see how that sounds. It shouldn’t be a shabby front end!

I’m about to have 100,000 hits for the site! Thanks for reading. Thanks for shopping!

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