gretchen phillips

Sometimes I get calls from musicians who just got a test pressing or 500+ records. “Dude! Can I come by with my record and hear it on one of your systems?” Sure! I got to hear Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga that way!
I got one such call the other day from Gretchen Phillips. She tore over here with her new record, a retro / neu disco affair with all the humor you’d expect from the woman who brought us the gem “I spent my last $10 on birth control and beer”. The inner track was distorting at her house, but seemed fine on the P5. Whew! So we went to the pub where Ms. Phillips was quite well behaved. We spoke of the virtues of Gary Newman, how he’s some kind of idiot savant, master of the Moog and how much we both dug his song , Down In The Park. I got 001/500 of her new record. Benefits!

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