Dynavector and the Harbeth 30.1


Well, this is fun! After playing with tubes for awhile, we thought some solid state was in order. “Let’s throw the DV gear on the 30.1’s”. “good idea, that’ll slap ’em around a bit”. So we set up the Naim Serve feeding the Line Magnetic 502CA DAC into the Dynavector L200 pre amp and the 170 watt HX100 amp. Auditorium 23 cables throughout.

Here’s my review. “HOLY S#*T!”

Known mainly for their excellent phono cartridges, not much has been written about Dynavector electronics. There are two Dynavector factories. DV Japan makes cartridges and high quality model airplanes. DV New Zealand moved to Australia a few years ago and that’s where the infamous P-75 phono pre amp is birthed. The Te Kaitora Rua cartridge is a collaboration between the two.