Demoing some new stuff!

Yesterday afternoon Tom McGehee and Lee Sosby from Tempo (they distribute Musical Fidelity, dCS and Verity) came by with the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and V-Link. We hooked up Tom’s Mac to the M1 DAC without the V-Link into the Tri integrated and Zu Defs. Tom was using Apple Lossless files as well as Hi-Res files that were downloaded from HD Tracks. Everything sounded like you would expect, just fine. The real surprise was when Tom hooked up the V-Link between his Mac and the DAC. It wasn’t a little bit better, it was phenomenally better! Something you can hear after about two seconds into the music. It was like cleaning my filthy glasses the morning after an evening of debauchery. As I write this my glasses are filthy and I’m nursing a minor hangover…hoorah! You know they’re dirty but you blow it off and then when you finally get off your butt and do it (just did it) aahh smudge free! The main jist of this “windex-box” is that it converts the Asynchronous USB into a S/PDIF and reclocks the signal instead of your computer. So when the DAC gets it there is virtually zero jitter. Evidently it works with all DACs. Confused yet? I know, all these digi terms spin in my head. The bottom line is that it really does sound better! For $169 bucks, it’s a tweak that actually makes a huge difference. So if you are thinking of wasting your money on cable lifters, get this instead!

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