This Friday! December 2nd, 6-9pm. It’s a Hootenanny!!

hoot·en·an·ny /ˈho͞otnˌanē/
n. pl. hoot·en·an·nies
1. An informal performance, typically with participation by the audience.
2. An unidentified or unidentifiable gadget.

Recently, two well respected two channel Hi-Fi distributors have moved to Austin, Colleen Cardas Imports and Bob Clarke’s Profundo. I’m stoked because “The Live Music Capital Of The World” needs them. People here love good music. One thing we want to make sure of is that it sounds good.

TN-PHAROAH-glossy2Here’s the deal. Many folks are buying turntables now and really don’t know much about them. There is also a big interest in computer based audio and I’ll admit, it’s daunting with all the geek speak.. What I want to do is start having these evenings once a month to educate and raise awareness. That $99 USB turntable you picked up at Waterloo Records was a great first step. If you want to see what the next step is, come to these events. Don’t be afraid! This isn’t going to be your average Audiophile nerd fest. We want to collectively educate music lovers about hi-fi, spin good music and have a great time.

This first event on Friday, December 2nd from 6-9pm, will feature a couple of systems you may have never heard of. Colleen is bringing Unison Research and Opera loudspeakers, both by the Nasta family from Italy. Bob is bringing some gear from Hungary’s Heed Audio and the excellent Trenner & Friedl loudspeakers from Austria. See Y’all soon!

Coming January 18th, A Hootenanny with Sean Casey of Zu Audio!!

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