Am I a scrooge for hating X-mas music?

Freaking earworms! This time of year is the worst. One quick stop into a store and I have Jingle Bell Rock stuck in my head all damn day! I’m humming it over and over! Who wrote this crap? OK, I can take some Burl Ives ON CHRISTMAS MORNING. That’s it. A couple of hours as the kids rip into their yearly haul as I pour coffee down my face feeling giddy because the Holidays are OVER! I survived another December. New Years is just a good excuse to get hammered. No preparation needed there. I do have a collection of “cool” X-mas records. I have a reggae one, a bluegrass one, even disco! They suck because they are still annoying songs. You can’t polish a turd. I’m convinced if you listen to them backwards they will say “have a merry little beat down at Walmart” . BAH!

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