Ain’t no shame in this game!


My Triode TRV-35SE integrated amp just showed up direct from Japan. It was a boring, rainy day until it did! I made room for it next to the Naim CD5i, plugged everything in and hooked it all up to the Zu Omens (which, BTW, are breaking in quite nicely!). I powered everything up and inserted Bryan Ferry’s Mamouna CD…

Ya know, sometimes I just really nail it! Hit it squarely, right on the head! For all the times I have made idiotic decisions on gear, I can honestly say I have made up for it these past few months. This combo is reeeeeeaaaaally freakin’ good. In fact, it even matches. The sangria finish on the Omens are a near perfect match with the red finish on the Tri. The fit and finish is A+. Nice wooden sides just like the Lebens. Japanese attention to quality and detail is apparent. I know the Omens have been breaking in but after hooking up the Tri’s EL34 tubes they really took on a whole different persona. Zu really shine with tubes. I like the third input being on the front next to the headphone socket. A very nice touch indeed.

I’m definitely getting more Tri amps in. The TRV-A300SE 300B integrated looks sweet as does the TRX-PM84. A unique Integrated Amp with USB DAC for computer audio, USB memory input, headphone and MM Phono Stage. Covers pretty much all the bases right? If you are looking for a esoteric hi-fi without the snotty price, you have to come hear this combination. I have a really big grin on my face. Tri + Zu = music. It’s kind of neat thinking that a few decades ago we were killing each other. Now a Japanese / American system is making sweet music together.

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