• The Chord Company – Prodac VEE 3

    The ProDAC VEE3 digital cable is a cost effective solution to your coaxial digital needs.
  • The Q Up

    I use them on my tables at home!  EVERY DAY!  If you've ever felt the horror of finding your cartridge bouncing at the end of a record...from three days ago... this will make ...
  • Thöress – Parametric Phono Equalizer

    Simply the best phono pre you can buy!  Hand made in Germany by Reinhard Thöress.  Words can't describe how this makes every record sound it's best.  If it's a horri...
  • Thöress 845 mono block amps

    THÖ 845 monos. Simply the best I've heard...
  • Thöress Full Function Pre

    Part of the full-on THÖ experience! This hand made pre amp also has an amazing phono pre amp on board!
  • Well Tempered Amadeus

    The Well Tempered Amadeus hits far above it's price range! Known to trounce $20K turntables, Bill Firebaugh's new design is a serious record player!
  • Well Tempered DPS

    The Well Tempered DPS is a power supply for WT turntables AND Dynavector P-75 phono pre amps.
  • Well Tempered Simplex

    Well Tempered Simplex is the little brother to the Amadeus.  Smaller tonearm and platter.  Same sized golf ball!
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