• Rega RP10

    Rega's top turntable. The Chromium Oxide platter is the same material used for missile cones which is as hard as Saffire!
  • Rega RP6

    The Rega RP6 comes with the TTPSU upgrade, thicker glass platter and nicer paint job. It's a RP3 on steroids.
  • Rega RX1 Loudspeakers

    The Rega RX-ONE loudspeaker system delivers balance, detail and dynamics thanks to a unique handmade set of Rega designed drivers and crossovers.The newly developed DX-125 bassmid-...
  • Rega Saturn-R CD / DAC

    The Rega Saturn-R is not only an excellent CD player, it's a full on DAC as well!
  • Rega white turntable belt

    Rega's reference belt using higher quality silicone. It is an improvement and only $20 more than a standard black belt. I heard better and tighter bass. You should change your belt...
  • Rupert Neve Designs RNHP headphone amp

    The RNHP was made to accomplish one simple purpose: making any headphones sound their best. As a dedicated design, the RNHP is tailored to deliver extremely high quality, powerful ...
    $549.00 $499.00
  • Sugden A21 integrated amp

  • Sugden A21SE Integrated Amp

    The special edition A21SE integrated amplifier builds on the strengths of the classic A21. Offering pure class A single ended operation, the sound remains distinctively ‘Sugden’. U...
  • The Chord Company – C-line

    Chord's least expensive interconnect.  Throw those "freebies" away and hear what you've been missing!
  • The Chord Company – C-stream

    Up your CAT5 game!
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