Line Magnetic 515CD Vacuum Tube CD Player

Line Magnetic 515CD Vacuum Tube CD Player


Yes, people still use CDs.  Yes, this one has a USB port so you can hook up your computer. Yes, this one has a tube output and uses the DAC from the 502CA.  Yes, it's the last CD player you'll need to buy.

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Product Description

LM-515CD Vacuum Tube CD Player

?This product is a CD disc player and a PC-USB decoding dual-purpose machine
?The machine used for exclusive design of O type transformer and transformer type EI respectively for digital and analog circuit with independent power supply
?Using advanced Sony iron rack movement
?The use of American decoding chip ESS company‘s top chip ES9016
?The use of I/V conversion ceramic package 5532
?The output using the two 6KZ8 electron tube Infrared remote control function
?OLED display shows the correlation function of job information
?One PC-USB input function can support the maximum sampling rate of 192KHz lossless audio
?A group of simulated RCA and full balanced signal output interface, digital RCA coaxial, BNC, optical fiber, coaxialbalanced signal output interface