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bel canto is here!

I got the CD-2, DAC3, e.One S300iUSB integrated and e.One Ref100 mono block amps. The cool thing about this line besides the fact that is sounds great, is the flexability. The CD player, DAC have volume controls. So, no need for a pre amp. You can start with the CD and S300 2 channel amp. The S300iUSB integrated is 150 watts and sports a USB / DAC input. Hook up your iTunes (use lossless for best sound quailty) and that's it! A nice one box solution. Come check it out!

Austin Chronicle Critic’s Pick Award!

After years of preaching the virtues of good, sensible sound systems I got an award!
"Never mind the big-box stores with 1,000 multipiece systems all from the same mold. If you love the sound of music when it comes across warm, clear and true, there's a system at Whetstone with your name on it. Isoblue! Rega! Cyrus! Music to audiophile's ears - but without the snooty snottiness. A treat for the eyes too as each tower is an architectural feat of art and machine. Can't decide what to play? Proprietor Brian stocks an impressive collection of vinyl worthy for such towers. The local brainpowerthat's geeked out to the tunes of well-honed gear here cannot be measured in decibels. What can be measured is the trust, knowledge, reliability and customer service that has kept this shop of audio dreams in business and a local favorite for 13 years."

Train nearly collides with shop!

Yesterday I was talking with someone at the shop and when we walked outside we saw this! The weird thing is that we didn't hear it. The first engine went over a loose track and it popped up piercing the gas tank of the second engine, derailing them both. Luckily, no one was hurt, but it took 45 minutes for the Firemen and Cops to show up!


Just unveiled this past weekend at Heathrow. I hope to have some in by Late Fall. Around $10K
GOLDMEMBER! Rega RB1000 24K plated. BLING BLING!!

More Rega Bling! The "Union Jack" R9


This new interactive web site RAWKS! It's great to be able to keep Y'all up to speed. I'm getting ready to get in AVI's new powered speakers, the ADM9. More on this later...
I'm embracing the iPod and it's "mumsie", the Mac as a serious Hi-Fi source. I see them as a great and flexible way to store and retrieve your music and movies. The other night I had some friends over and we had the best time watching bands on YouTube through a good system. We were taking turns seeing who could pick the coolest video from our youth. I think Alice Cooper was the winner that night. Times are changing. TV is horrible, but the web is full of whatever you want anytime you want. Want to see the future of TV? Check out Joost. On demand TV!
Not everyone cares about having a super slick Hi-Fi system, nor can everyone afford one. That doesn't mean you have to settle for something that sounds bad. Maybe you want a good sounding system, but the "significant other" or even worse, the dreadful Interior Designer ( I've met sooo many ), refuses to hand over any real estate to "a bunch of ugly boxes". No Worries! Freak them out and say, "Fine, do whatever you want as long as I can have a couple of (remember to say small) speakers". This is where the AVI ADM9 comes in. Powered speakers with extra inputs and a DAC built in. Here's some info. from the web site! click here to see the site AVI ADM9
Our new ADM9 active speakers do away completely with the need for DACs, preamplifiers and power amplifiers because everything is built into one box; the loudspeaker.
You can plug ADMs into the USB port of your computer to make it the best sounding music libarary you've heard, or use the analogue input to connect them to our preamp and CD player if you prefer a traditional system. Or you can do both. Input selection, volume control and muting is by IR handset.
The most expensive parts of Amplifiers, preamplifiers and (where they are still used) CD players are the enclosures. AVI has done away with them and put everything into the loudspeaker. Sound quality is improved and cost substantially reduced. They are big space savings too and all this matters a great deal to modern households.
AVI’s passive loudspeakers are a textbook 8 ohm load and therefore very easy to drive. Also our passive crossovers are designed to mimic the behaviour of competing active designs. To be sure of a big improvement in our new, fully active ADM9 Speakers, we’ve taken things a stage further and refined the design to improve performance beyond what is possible with any passive and most if not all active two-way competitors.

Whetstone Audio Blog

Welcome To the Whetstone BLOG! Expect up to date information about new products, interesting stories, reviews and other "cool stuff" I find entertaining. Check back often!

NAIM SUPERNAIT. Everything you've ever wanted and didn't know you needed... until now!
Launched at the 2007 Bristol Show, SUPERNAIT - Naim's reference integrated amplifier - proves there is still room for innovation in two-channel audio. The latest addition to Naim's reference series, SUPERNAIT produces a stunningly realistic performance from its compact case and delivering 80 watts per channel, it drives difficult loads with ease.

SUPERNAIT offers its user flexibility and convenience too. Want to add a power supply to upgrade the performance? You can. Want to add a subwoofer? You can. Want to quickly connect an analogue or digital source via the front panel? You can.

Sporting 11 different inputs (6 analogue, 5 digital) SUPERNAIT is bristling with connectivity features and upgrade options and with its on-board DAC, this is the most flexible Naim product to date. Put a Mac Mini in front of it, some Kudos speakers behind it and your choice of TV and be done!