Scaffolding is down! Construction OVER!!

IMG_0396_2My shop is finally back to normal. They didn't get the sidewalk barricade down, so I had a makeshift outdoor party room on Saturday. Got a case of beer and MyFaced some folks over. Had the Naim Uniti and Rega RS-5 speakers making some music. Tagging is fun. Drinking beer with your pals... priceless!

Steal Your Face Right Off Your Head!


Back in College I collected over 300 Grateful Dead soundboards. My Nakamichi was always spinning! This was before the internet so we had to find other tapers through Relix magazine and meeting people at the shows. Now it's all at your FINGERTIPS . There was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert!! The best show I saw was Red Rocks '87. The worst was Houston '89. You never knew what you were gonna get or how weird the night would be... The "jam bands" of today are nothing like it. Sorry kids, you missed the bus!



Closing early today to start off my debauched weekend at Fun Fun Fun!! Looking forward to seeing lots of music I'm not familiar with. Check out the cast of characters here

RECAP. Kids, you can't rock... with a laptop. Of Montreal, Jesus Lizard, Death, Shonen Knife, The Sword... Excellent!