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new-york-city-skyline-blue-largeI'm going to New York City!!! This is the first vacation without kids that my wife and I have taken in 7 years!! While I'm there, I'll be attending John DeVore's Monkeyhaus! A tour of the DeVore factory and hopefully Box Furniture. I'm also gonna kick it with Steve Mishoe at his shop In Living Stereo. I will be posting highlights of the trip here later. If you know of some cool places I should check out, let me know!

I'm always reachable by cell 512-784-8282 and by email

New Kudos X2 speakers PRE ORDER NOW!

It's been a long wait but Derek Gilligan has been working around the clock to get the X2 on the streets. I'm taking PRE ORDERS NOW. Half down and I'll order you some. The X2 will be $2495 in your choice of finish. Walnut, Cherry, Rosewood or Sycamore. Whetstone Audio is the only venue for Kudos Loudspeakers in the US at this time. Dealers please contact me if you want to pick up Kudos for your shop. If you don't know, Kudos are a small Loudspeaker company from Durham, England and go VERY well with most brands, most notably with Naim. They use the highest quality drivers including the Seas Excel and Crescendo tweeters.

Heres a pic of the X2 and C-20.



X2 $2495

C-1 $3495

C-2 $4495

C-10 $5495

C-20 $7495

C-30 $9495

S-50 speaker stands $450

Vic, you will be missed.

We have lost one of the best songwriters of our time. After many suicide attempts over the years, Vic was successful on Christmas Day. Thanks for the tunes Vic! Hope you have found the peace you were looking for. Wish you had found another way...

Rega’s CD “Ca$h for Clunkers” deal extended!!

Starting Jan. 1, we'll be extending the program through the first quarter of 2010! The new ending date is now March 31, 2010. So those customers that have been trying to save up in time to beat the Dec. 31st deadline now can take a deep breath and know they have enough time to get that Rega CD player they have wanted so much.

For those not familiar, bring in ANY CD or DVD player, working or not and get $150 off the Apollo or $600 off the Saturn CD players!! Go hit a Goodwill or Pawnshop and turn that beater into sonic GOLD!



Grado SR60i headphones $79
Ortofon 2M cartridge! Red $99 / Blue $199 installed!
Roth MC4 integrated tube amp $395. Perfect desktop stereo. iPod dock, Aux. input and mini jack in for your computer. Just add a pair of small speakers.
Milty Zerostat! Combat the static. $99

P1 web pic
Rega P1 turntable. $395. A great first turntable for that budding Audiophile. Bump up to the P2 for another $150

igi_product Lose the iPod ear buds! The Grado iGi are $89

Ear web
Rega Ear. $295 Can't afford a whole stereo system? Get this and some Grado SR60i headphones $79, hook up an iPod or CD player. Done!

Fono mini 2
Rega Fono Mini. Need a MM phono pre amp that packs a lot of punch? $145
Hunt carbon fiber record brush $35
Kontak cleaning fluid $39