Goodbye Alex…

Rock took another hit in the passing of Alex Chilton. I was going to see him at SXSW, but he evidently had a heart attack mowing his lawn. He was 59. I still have a sealed copy of Big Star's #1 Record. I'm gonna crack it open on my 50th birthday. I nearly did when I heard the awful news. Not familiar with his music? You should be. Most people know him through That 70's Show theme song, In the Street... "I wish we had a joint so baaaaaad."

BOX FURNITURE… hand made in the USA!

boxL2logoNew to Whetstone Audio is the excellent hi-fi support company, BOX FURNITURE. While I was in NYC, I got to meet Anthony Abbate and visit his factory. It's conveniently located next to DeVore Fidelity in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Box not only builds beautiful audio racks, they also build the enclosures for DeVore's speakers. I have a four shelf rack in the gorgeous Sapele finish. Come see and hear it in action!shop

Just In!! Auditorium 23 speaker cables.


I just got in the A23 cables and straight from the box I had to scoop my jaw off the floor. DAMN! REALLY? These cables aren't even burned in yet and they outperform nearly anything I've ever heard at any price! I have them hooked up to the Leben CS-600 (just like in the picture) into the DeVore Super 8 speakers. Well Tempered Amadeus / Dynavector 17D3 up front extracting all that vinyl goodness! Everything you've read about these cables is true. If you're not familiar take a gander at this REVIEW and another good

I’m New Here: Gil Scott-Heron

There is a proper procedure for taking advantage of any investment.
Music, for example. Buying music is an investment.
To get the maximum you must


Not in your car or on a portable player through a headset.
Take it home.
Get rid of all distractions, (even her or him)
Turn off your cell phone.
Turn off everything that rings or beeps or rattles or whistles.
Make yourself comfortable.
Play your LP.
LISTEN all the way through.
Think about what you got.
Think about who would appreciate this investment.
Decide if there is someone to share this with.
Turn it on again.
Enjoy Yourself.

Gil Scott-Heron

Snowing in Austin!

26781_1367820997721_1297573855_1099051_841709_nIt's weird to look outside and see it dumping in Texas! All we need are a few weeks of this and some mountains! I still have my skis!

Victory Grill gets Historical Marker!


During World War II, segregation prevented African American servicemen from enjoying most civilian restaurants and recreational facilities. In an effort to address this issue, Austin civic leaders urged the city to provide recreational sites for servicemen on leave from military posts. By war’s end, African American servicemen had added but limited “R&R” sites in Austin. Johnny Holmes responded to this need when he opened the original Victory Grill on VJ day (Victory over Japan Day, Aug. 16, 1945) in a converted icehouse on east 11th street. Holmes created a venue in east Austin that provided returning African American servicemen with both an accessible dining establishment and blues and jazz entertainment.
Victory Grill Website

KUDOS X2 In the house!

DHL came by today with the new Kudos X2 loudspeakers! (breaking them in with some Radio Birdman as I write this) The small floor standing X2's along with the Naim Uniti, are a simple solution to covering all your bases. The X2 are $2495 a pair. Something this small shouldn't sound this big! Come have a listen!

Kudos C-10 and X2  ROCK!

Dali Loudspeakers!

HFC319.test.dalifront-728-75I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the first of several offerings from the Danish speaker company DALI. I just got in the Lektor 2 bookshelves. WOW! Huge sound from a tiny speaker. Front ported for a true bookshelf design. I'm happy to say that in my quest for good value and outstanding sound, the Lektor 2 is a shoe in for my entry level speaker at just $475 a pair!