WHEW! That was FUN!!

I just got back from AXPONA in Chicago where I was helping out my friend Paul Manos of High Fidelity Services. He brings in Neat Acoustics from England. The Iota Alphas were a BIG hit! The show was a blast and I got to reconnect with a lot of people I haven't seen in a long time.

The very first time I set foot in Chicago was at The Green Mill! An amazing cocktail bar that Al Capone used to frequent. I went with my friends "Super T", "Ho" and "Chuckles" to see the B3 maestro Chris Forman! The organ was on a small stage behind the bar!

After that it was back to the show! Here's the Neat room!

One of the highlights of the show was watching AJ Van den Hul build a cartridge from start to finish! It really takes a steady hand and years of perfection to get it right. AJ is 80!


I tried some later hours and all I did was miss packages. So... back to the old hours. There will be a monthly "Hump Day Hootenanny"! Bring some records and libations! I'll have a featured system set up each time. Dates will be posted!

I'll be closed during SXSW (March 11-20). I'll also be attending the AXPONA show in Chicago (April 20-23)

Monday / Tuesday Appointment Only
Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 5ish...call if you plan on coming after 4pm

I'm available most of the time. Please call for an appointment!


So many exciting things have been progressing here at the shop! I'm not sure where to start.  I've been neglecting the blog in favor of Facebook because I got lazy.  Sorry about that.  I didn't know anyone actually read this thing until I stopped doing a weekly Hi-Fi Honey and folks got upset! So why am I sitting in bed writing this at 5:30am?  One, because I'm old and two, because I can't wait to get this new amp in!


The 508 is the newest integrated from Line Magnetic.  It uses 805 tubes for power, 300B for driver stage and 6SN7 for the pre amp. It's got a bit more grunt than the 518 at around 47 watts.  I think it will play nicely with many speakers. The VU meters double as bias meters and it will come in black.


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest! October 7 – 9

My lovely wife Donna and I will be in room 4010. I'm really excited to be showing a full THÖRESS system! On hand will be the Phono Entzerrer phono pre amp, Füll Fünction pre amp, 845 SET mono blocks, F2a11 8 watt integrated amp and their newest integrated amp. Front end is a Sperling turntable with Fuuga cartridge. Swisscables throughout.  Lots of really well curated records and a "Happy Hour" at 5pm on Friday and Saturday!  Don't be a stranger!


photo by Norman Tracy