Whetstone Audio is located in beautiful East Austin, just across I-35, on E. 6th St. There are many artist compounds and galleries in the area. Once a bastion to low rent, it is now being bought up by developers seeking to turn it into a cosmopolitan area. No Fear! There is a diverse mix to the area and plenty of people who are still trying to “Keep Austin Weird” in this pathetic era of Big Box mentality. A bi-yearly event called EAST AUSTIN STUDIO TOUR gives artists a chance to open up their doors and invite the public into a World not offered in the Mall.


Gourmands Excellent sandwiches and beer garden
White Horse A real Honky Tonk!
Liberty Cool bar with excellent food trailer in back
The Lost Well Nice neighborhood bar. Live punk rock and metal!
The Hightower really good food and fancy drinks
Pedras Negras best taco truck besides the one at The White Horse
Chapala Mexican food for cheap!

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