Whetstone Audio is located in beautiful East Austin, just across I-35, on E. 6th St. There are many artist compounds (hurry, rents are going up up up!!) and galleries in the area. Once an area of low rent, it’s now being bought up by mindless developers seeking to turn it into Williamsburg Jr. No Fear! There is a diverse mix to the area and plenty of people who are still trying to “Keep Austin Weird” .

Visiting East Austin?


Great soups / sandwiches and beer garden
White Horse
A real Texas Honky Tonk! Live Music nightly!
Cool bar with famous food trailer in back
The Lost Well
Nice neighborhood bar. Live punk rock and metal! Cool motorcycles.
The Hightower
really good food and fancy drinks.
Mexican food for cheap!
excellent French brasserie. I like sitting at the bar and listening to the turntable (Rega, of course)
Uncorked Wine Bar
Take a “flight” out to the deck and enjoy the best view of downtown anywhere!